Quality Assurance

Quality Control and Product Safety To live up to our basic quality policy, Daiwa Seiko has established a quality management system  that requires meeting  the needs of our customers, addition to the requirements of the aerospace standard AS9100D. The company is strictly implementing a PDCA cycle that helps ensure the safety and quality of products….

Production Process

Production We handle our products consistently from development to shipment At Daiwa Seiko Philippines Corporation, we do not just make products, we put our heart into it. In addition, we haveestablished a smooth flow based  on PDCA  (Plan,Do, Check and Act) methodology. Production Process Quality Assurance PDCA Production Process Machining 1. Cutting/Turning 2. CNC Process 3. Internal Grinding 4. Honing Special Process 5. Induction Hardening 6. Hobbing 7. Cylindrical Grinding 8. Caulking Assembly 9. Assembly of Components 10. Ranking of Classification…