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Health and Safety / Quality / Environmental and Ethical Business Policy Statement

We, at Daiwa Seiko Philippines Corporation, engaged in the Manufacture and Assembly of Automotive Transmission, Engine and Motorcycle Accessory Parts shall constantly strive for customer satisfaction with maximum effectiveness, understand the needs of other interested parties, meet their expectations and comply with statutory and regulatory requirements at all times.

While committed to sustain the company’s goal of economic stability, excellence and global competitiveness, we are driven by the fundamental values and principles associated with the Aerospace Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and Health & Safety Standards to wit:

  1. To conduct its business affairs on a safe and healthy working condition, and to enforce commitment to product and personal safety; 
  2. To comply with all applicable local, national and international standards, codes, programs and development of our facilities in upholding the Quality and Environmental Management Systems;
  3. To prevent the purchase and use of counterfeit parts to achieve product integrity;
  4. To identify possible risks in our work processes, provide and implement risk control measures and assess opportunities for continual improvement;
  5. To ensure that any necessary correction and corrective actions on non-conformities are taken without undue delay;
  6. To reinforce commitment to timely deliveries of cost effective quality products and services;
  7. To manage effectively our existing processes and activities to prevent the wasteful use of natural resources, to eliminate any hazardous impact to the ecology, and to strengthen environmental protection; 
  8. To educate and develop competent and highly skilled workforce; promote the best use of employee talent; upgrade and adopt the most efficient and innovative manufacturing process; and promote continual improvement activities;
  9. To foster a corporate culture of ethical standards based on honesty,  integrity, loyalty to the company and collaboration, to attain the State’s vision / mission of giving full, decent and productive employment for all workers;
  10. To instill professionalism and discipline in all aspects of business operations through adherence to the DSPC Code of Discipline and compliance with all applicable laws; 
  11. To communicate this Policy to all interested parties to have it available to the public upon request.