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Quality Control and Product Safety

To live up to our basic quality policy, Daiwa Seiko has established a quality management system  that requires meeting  the needs of our customers, addition to the requirements of the aerospace standard AS9100D. The company is strictly implementing a PDCA cycle that helps ensure the safety and quality of products.

The organization ensures that the parts meet the customers satisfaction with its high quality standards. Highly skilled quality inspectors who utilize Vast Technologies and state of the art precision equipment  to confirms and assure that  parts are always in conformance to specification.

Prior to placing the material in the inventory or moving it to the production flow, parts and materials are subject to receiving inspection to examine if they are in accordance with customer purchase order requirements, drawings and standards, among others.

Production Process

Quality Assurance

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)

The company is very well capable of metal surface hardening through induction-heated process. As such, the company also has the ability to measure the hardness of the part that goes through this process using reliable hardness testing equipment.

Certified Calibrators check the accuracy of the instrument and determine the traceability of the measurement. In practice, calibration group also includes repair of the device if it is out of calibration. A report is provided which shows the error in measurements with the measuring device before and after the calibration.

Quality Assurance

Our QA Team is tasked to assure that team members are equipped with sufficient knowledge to comply with the quality  standards, identify and resolve the workflows in collaboration  with the production leaders and its team members. 

QA Group conducts periodic  audit to review the organization’s adherence to rules and gauge overall risks to compliance and to determine whether the company is following internal quality guidelines with consistency.